Manohar Lal Khattar shares his vision on growth of Karnal

He highlighted the significant role of Smart Karnal City in promoting Haryana on the domestic as well as international tourism growth map

Chief Minister of Haryana, Manohar Lal Khattar has addressed industry leaders, exporters, and representatives of various associations including Hospitality and Medical Tourism at Noormahal Palace Hotel in Karnal, Delhi-NCR and shared his vision of taking the growth of Karnal to the next level.

With Karnal becoming the Tourism and Medical hub of the State along with the huge potential for growth of various rising industries, he highlighted the significant role of Smart Karnal City in promoting Haryana on the domestic as well as international tourism growth map. As the COVID-19 pandemic is nearly faded in India, it is time to work towards a glorious future for the country.

With this purpose in mind, the Chief Minister of Haryana has laid down a roadmap for promoting Karnal with Krishna Circuit and developing the Smart City as a popular tourism hub. Numerous path-breaking initiatives are being undertaken to aid the development, progress, and growth of the Karnal city and transform it into the aspiring city of the future.

“Karnal and Kurukshetra are a rich pool of Indian culture and heritage with a lot of potentials. Continuous work is being done to safeguard these two cities and transform them to international standards. The Karnal Smart city project will help in tapping the huge potential to become the inspiring tourism hub on the international tourism map. The development work is accelerated so that everything is completed quickly. We want the people of Karnal to prosper and want to generate more opportunities for them. The dream is to transform Karnal into a role model making them sustainable and tourism friendly,” said Manohar Lal Khattar, Chief Minister, Haryana.

“Under the Smart Cities Project, we have undertaken the holistic-accelerated development of the city to enable growth at a massive scale. We have integrated technological, economic, architectural, digital, environmental as well as social innovation solutions to transform Karnal into a futuristic smart city. The success of a few of our recent projects is an encouragement to work harder to fulfill our role and our commitment as a role model city. These projects will create a lot of business and employment opportunities to boost socio-economic wellbeing,” said Nishant Kumar Yadav, CEO, Karnal Smart City Limited and Karnal Deputy Commissioner.

“Smart Tourism destinations are going to be the next big thing in tourism as the travellers and tourists of the new informed world are increasingly demanding for more tech-savvy, sustainable and safe tourist destinations. We are committed to developing Karnal as the most preferred smart tourism destination for domestic as well as foreign tourists," added Yadav.

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