Women are no Longer Scared to go After What They Want: Natasha Jain, Co-Founder of Bent Chair

Today standing upfront on the pedestal of success as a serial entrepreneur, Jain holds her ambition very dearly.

HAVING DREAMT of doing something of her own, Natasha Jain had an entrepreneurial bug biting all over. Juggling with a lot of start-up ideas, Bent Chair hit her finally which was launched with the aim of introducing bold and quirky furniture to the Indian audiences. Stanford University alumnus, Jain has recently ventured into the restaurant business, Plum by Bent Chair, which is India's first retail restaurant in collaboration with First Fiddle Restaurants by Priyank Sukhija. Today standing upfront on the pedestal of success as a serial entrepreneur, Jain holds her ambition very dearly. To celebrate the International Women’s Day, BW Hotelier caught up with Jain to know about her journey.

Brief us about your journey towards entrepreneurship

I’ve always had a strong inclination to venture out on my own and find a way to benefit the people through my work. I took my first step towards achieving that dream while I was still studying at Stanford, with my startup FreshMentor. It was my way of helping foreign students like myself to be more at ease in the new country. After finishing my studies and returning to India, I created Ruplee, a payment gateway that made it easy to pay at dining outlets. As I continued to further develop Ruplee, I was struck with the idea for Bent Chair. I started Bent Chair with my father, with the aim of introducing bold and quirky furniture and decor to the Indian audiences.

Do you think society justifies women being a business'MAN'? Did you face any hurdles?

The society has been patriarchal since time immemorial and so, being a woman in this world comes with a set of challenges that men don’t face. As for justification, I don’t think the society has the right to “justify” a woman being a business’MAN’. More and more women are stepping out and claiming a seat in the top positions of companies. The society is changing rapidly, and women are no longer scared to go after what they want. I’ve faced many hurdles in my journey to achieving my goals, but I am grateful to have a loving family which has supported me throughout. From not being taken seriously to having vendors refuse to deal with me because I’m a woman, I’ve faced it all and come out the other side stronger and better.

How do you see the future being led by women entrepreneurs?

The future today shows endless possibilities, and each of those possibilities have women taking more and more risks and opting for positions of power. Women around the world are waking up to the possibility of being their own boss and creating a space for themselves alongside men. I see more and more women entering into the business space and leading the world to greater heights.

What is the driving force that makes you stand out as a leader?

My ambition is my driving force. I have always been an ambitious woman, and am grateful for the support of my family in helping me move towards my goals. I have confidence in myself and my capabilities, and that helps me stand out as a leader. I’m constantly trying to push the boundaries of innovation and better myself and my brand, which reflects in my work.

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